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  • Smart buildings should be a key factor in digital transformation projects.
  • Companies embarking on digital transformation are looking at ways to break down silos of data and increase the transparency of their operations so they can get better.
  • Smart buildings are a key piece of this jigsaw; providing key operations and efficiency data to businesses.
  • They cost of data collection is cumbersome, especially in older buildings. Leverage your lighting installation to dramatically lower costs and accelerate your digital transformation.

When companies are looking to embark on digital transformation projects, it is often the most customer facing points of their business that come under scrutiny. It makes sense that your company is responsive to customer needs but it also potentially creates an imbalance where the further a company’s activity is from customer contact, the less exposed it is to digital transformation. This is a huge missed opportunity.

Digital transformation is becoming a key driver of business improvement. The main ingredient for a successful transformation is great data. Companies are still struggling to design quality projects and implementations – that achieve real returns and improvements – using the available technology to gather their data. We hear them and we aren’t alone.

Data Gathering ‘Must-Haves’

Internal transformation is significantly behind external transformation because it can be so hard to get traction on processes at a high-enough level. Our view is that significant amounts of business take place in buildings and there are ways to refit your building to propel your business transformation. Creating a smart building leads to better business and digital transformation. When we analysed the potential for successful data harvesting from big business they wanted data gathering with three key priorities:

  1. Universality – a solution that can be implemented in any building, in any location with limited modifications
  2. Low maintenance – once installed, the data can continue to be gathered without battery replacement, maintenance visits etc.
  3. Flexibility – even though installed to gather one set of data points, a flexibility to gather additional data or support follow-on transformation projects is essential.

When we took that back to basics, we realised that we had to work with the kind of key, basic infrastructures in a building to create refitted smart buildings. Lighting became the most obvious offering because every building has a pervasive lighting system and it is always powered. It exists in even the oldest buildings and can be utilised to transform buildings – and businesses – into 21st century operations.

Our modules – which convert any light to a node in a dedicated wireless data network – emerged from a design-oriented research to get customers the best possible data gathering for their business from their building. It installs simply, it installs everywhere from America to Zambia, it delivers high quality density of coverage and your data gathering is so cost-effective.

Companies are still trying to figure out what digital transformation means for operations – our solution expands their possibility horizon and dramatically raises the possible successes.

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