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Newsletter: Factoring in Consent

Two really interesting ideas below. Just like teaching abusers like Harvey Weinstein that our bodies are not theirs for the taking, we need to teach businesses the same. That line made me stop cold. Ruth's article is brilliant you need to read it. And we (as society,...

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The Internet of Battlefield Things – Issue #13

"I can’t imagine that five or 10 years from now, the military world won’t be full of devices that are talking to each other and talking to command and control systems and talking to everything.”  - Peter Lenk NATO One of the interesting things about the IoT is its...

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Google goes shopping – Issue #12

"These plans appear to extend 'creepy' into the physical world." Renate Samson, Big Brother Watch Form follows function. Whether it is UX or a classic dining chair, the function should determine the best form and a designer's job is to pare back the noise. Even though...

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The God’s Eye View from Shenzhen – Issue #11

I had to ask myself this week if this is all a little tinfoil-hat. I look at the public applications of the internet of things. I try to communicate what I see happening. It can be hard not to sound a touch paranoid. I'm still a long way from warning on the innate...

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Automatic for the People – Issue #10

No government by experts in which the masses do not have the chance to inform the experts as to their needs can be anything but an oligarchy managed in the interest of the few. - John Dewey, "The Public and its Problems" In 1927 Dewey probably had a different image of...

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Sit still. You won’t feel a thing – Issue #9

Part of the reason I put this email together is that there is a need to tie together some of the more sociopathic ends toward which technology is aimed. The IoT is full of possibilities for the quantified self. Without forewarning, how can we be forearmed? It isn't...

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Responsibility as an Afterthought

The big technology companies cannot treat responsibility as an 'externality'. It is no longer somebody else's problem. It is theirs. It is ours. 'Responsibility is Not My Problem' Last week's note talked about responsibility. To my mind, there is a distinction between...

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