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Sit still. You won’t feel a thing – Issue #9

Part of the reason I put this email together is that there is a need to tie together some of the more sociopathic ends toward which technology is aimed. The IoT is full of possibilities for the quantified self. Without forewarning, how can we be forearmed? It isn't...

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Responsibility as an Afterthought

The big technology companies cannot treat responsibility as an 'externality'. It is no longer somebody else's problem. It is theirs. It is ours. 'Responsibility is Not My Problem' Last week's note talked about responsibility. To my mind, there is a distinction between...

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The Convex Lens Newsletter

I have started a newsletter to keep track of the breadcrumbs I chase around the internet trying to make sense of the reality being rewoven by the Internet of Things. It would be great to have you along for the ride. You can take a look at the first issue here or...

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Imagine Better

A really nice piece in The Guardian by Mohsin Hamid (who will turn up in a longer piece this week) on the tyranny of nostalgia. Resistance blossoms from the imagination. We always retain the capacity to imagine better futures. Hamid grasps the way that our technology...

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