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Voyeurism for a Visa

The smart devices we are taking up in larger and larger numbers are designed to report on us. This will be immensely problematic in the time of Trump. It will also disrupt the business models of the middlemen gathering and interpreting data for a fee.  It feels like...

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The Limits of Privacy Debates

Via The Intercept, I came across a fantastic piece in the Frankfurter Allgemeine by Harvard Business Professor Shoshana Zuboff. The dawn of the era of the Internet of Things has prompted me to think a great deal about the broad swathe of impacts the coming turn is...

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You are not a number

A recent briefing in The Economist helpfully put some form on the etherous mind of China's President Xi. Social Credit is an horrific sounding policy. Efforts to corral citizens into effectively controlled squares are not very novel. Efforts to collapse citizens to a...

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Data Politics – Fidelity to the Model

A quick return to the issue of data in politics. I think that 2016 has really crystalised some of the issues around the deployment of data in politics, the main one is fidelity to the model. A model is different to a poll. Most of you will know this. Briefly, a poll...

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Data Politics II – What about those polls, huh?

Elections are deeply social moments. They are at once wonderfully expressive, giving vent in victory and defeat to the individual. Anyone who casts a ballot cannot help but feel elated or dejected with a result. An election like Tuesday is one we don't see very often....

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Data Politics and Data Campaigning

I'm grateful to Damien for pointing my in the direction of Dominic Cumming's post about the use they made of data in the course of the Brexit campaign. Coincident with this, I spotted a second (not dissimilar) item from his opponent in that race Jim Messina. There has...

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Donald Trump’s Postmodern Experiment

The political lexicon is always flush with fresh terms following a us presidential election. Post-truth is one of the most frequently observed new additions. Donald Trump's campaign had a strained relation with truth, a condition which the word life is sufficient to...

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Millenials – A problem in two stories

A follow up from last week's post presents itself in the form of two stories. released their quarterly report. As usual it made for grim reading for anyone renting/homeless/on rent supplement/in negative equity. The generation of young Irish people (below 40,...

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Millenial hopelessness will be a political problem

Not for the first time, I found myself across the table from an older person trying to clarify the kind of bind some (I can't claim all but many anecdotally) of my generation are experiencing currently. Multiple friends (singles and couples) moving back home in order...

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Smart Cups – Designing Objects with Purpose

I was doing some reading on the overlap that now exists between design thinking and practice and our agency. More on that anon, however the incredible example of the power of design to prompt action was given in an article. These are social cups designed by Kristina...

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Why do we do what we do?

Why do we act as we do? What are the machinations that prompt one person to respond with force and another with talk? It is unlikely we will ever get firm, fixed answers on the above. Not because science and research cannot get us there, more becuase the constantly...

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